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Early Career Scientist Meeting Grant

This conference is selected by the Federation of European Microbiological Societies (FEMS) to offer grants for event participation for Early Career Scientists*.

To apply for this grant, you would need to meet all the following requirements:
• be a member of a FEMS Member Society* or be recommended by such a member
• be an Early Career Scientist**
• be an Active Microbiologist
• be presenting author at the conference (oral or poster)

*Find out if your society is a FEMS Member at
**These are active microbiologists who obtained the highest academic degree – Bachelor, Master or PhD – Less than five years prior to the application deadline date, or are a Master or PhD student. Periods of maternity/paternity leave, special leave or illness do not count toward this definition.

Awards will be made between £200 and £700 to contribute towards travel and accommodation costs only. (registration costs are not included)

To be considered for the FEMS Grants, you would need to meet all the requirements listed above and you must complete all the questions in the application form.

Deadline to apply for the grant is 11 April 2024

If you have any queries relating this, please feel free to contact Mr. Jason Alexander via